Steamline Business - We facilitate your work to be more effective, enabling you to focus on what really matters in your business.


Consistently sourcing good quality products at best price


Inventory management in our systematic secure and clean facility


High level of speed, accuracy and reliability


Various service providers available to select with traceable delivery

We simplify your work by taking charge all product sourcing, packing, storing, and shipping

      your products out to customers. Processes like these are crucial to the success of your business and in which we can be the helping hand that drives your business to its expectation. We will execute excellence in our core competencies while you execute excellence in yours.

Why Us

Limited resources, sourcing complexity, limited storage space, unavailable inventory systemare the reasons why we can service you as your fulfillment partner. We believe actions speak louder than words. Being your partner is to show what we can do for your growing business and we believe you will like what you experience.

Reliable: Our team has long experience in marketing and supply chain management which enable us to have a deepunderstanding on customer demands, provide services efficiently and meet customer requirements. Our recommendations are born out of experience and business sense.

Flexible&Adaptable: We have the Cloud fulfillment service which is accessible any time and provide you with constant visibility over your order operations. You can order through the program which provides details, real time reporting to provide your products an up-to-date details on the orders, shipments, tracking information and more. This is not only designed to keep your orders up-to- date, it also allows you to monitor and analyze the report.

We offer with:

  •  Create new orders

  •  View existing orders

  •  Search & edit orders

  • View inventory

  •  Monitor low inventory

  •  Run detailed reports

  •  And more

Fast: With our the Cloud fulfillment service, we are able to manage your orders quicker andhave more accuracy. Our knowledgeable staffs work closly with constant visibility over your orders and inventory to coordinate with shipping service providers and ensure that your merchandise is handled properly throughout the time until it has been shipped to your end customers.

Fulfillment Services International Co.,Ltd.

Fulfillment Services International Co.,Ltd.
95 Soi Chalermsuk, Pahonyotin road,
Chankasem, Chatujak, Bangkok 10900

Contact Us

เบอร์โทรศัพท์: (+66) 062-939-5614
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