How to Manage an Effective Packaging Logistics?

    At present, the manufacturing industry is faced with severe competition. To build the standard for process and
product, it is important to create the selling point of the product. Standardized products make customers feel more confident
about selecting them. Also, it helps promote useful attitudes about trade protectionism directly and indirectly. Packaging
today has a greater role in the matter of assembly and protection of the product from origin to use by the ultimate customer.
Besides, it also provides convenience and workability of product specification in the matter of sales promotion.
    Logistically, the major roles of packaging include transportation, storage, and maintenance of the product. The
product arrangement and assembly must accord with space limitations and maximum efficiency. This will have direct
effect in an effective logistics system and the matter of cost in various activities.
    The objective of effective packaging logistics is to support all other logistics activities efficiently. Good packaging
protects merchandises for transportation to customer destinations safely, ensuring a fresh product without damage and a
good inner protection and also ensures the keeping of the product in perfect condition, as well as a timely transportation
process and reliable distribution. It helps to reduce cost in processing, warehouse storage, expedites handling, and ensures
the effective space management of product.

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